Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Sneak Peek

I can remember back when I was pregnant with Matt being so excited by my sonograms. Because of health issues I had to have so many we just had them all put on a video cassette. I would view the tape over and over- seeing them as a promise of something good to come.
Today I got a sneak peek at another future good thing. A friend of mine is hatching some Amerucana eggs for me, so that my chick-a-doodle family can grow and be complete. Although candling has been around for centuries- it is just as amazing to me as todays sonograms.
Hopefully in another couple of weeks I'll have baby chicks to post about. Looking forward to seeing Miss Helen, Miss Jackie, Prissy and Alice.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bean Tunnel

So for those who know my son Matt and I, it comes as no surprise when I tell you- we do not live in this world. We tend spend a great deal of time in our heads dreaming, imagining and wondering; hence when it comes to doing something physically the results are often less than stellar. When I told my husband Jim that I was going to make a "Bean Tunnel", he asked me to wait. "Let me do it.", "Why not be a little patient and wait until I can build it." Laura, I don't think it's a good idea for you..."
My impatience and Jim's limited time away from work often collide, so we both knew that I would try to do this and it would probably be a disaster. I mean me with a sledge hammer, wire fencing and an untried plan was bad enough- throw Matt into the mix and we better have 911 on speed dial. Blood would most likely be shed, but on Matt and I went with a belief that armed with bolt cutters and a large pkg of zip-ties anything was possible.
It took us 2 days, ok maybe not 2 full days- I believe strongly in air conditioning, iced tea breaks and Matt was studying for finals. In the end, no band-aids were used and only a few plants suffered. Note to self: plant after you finish building garden stuctures. Now all we have to do it wait for the beans to grow, vine and cover our Bean Tunnel with fabulous foilage and delicious beans.
Oh and these are stringless beans, so not to worry that I will can dozens of quarts of stringy beans again this year- despite my husbands encouragment that they added fiber to his diet. Like I said- I don't really live on this planet.