Saturday, April 6, 2013

The gift that smells delicious and can become a sandwich

Breadmaking is somewhat an obsession of mine. I love the alchemy of yeast, liquid and flour combining and then changing into something totally better than the sum of it's parts. Each year, for my birthday I (well really my MIL and friends treat me) to purchases I usually don't indulge in. No jewelery, no furs, no purses or shoes- nope for me it's kitchen equipment and specialty ingredients.
This year my fabulous husband took me on a whirlwind trip to Harry's Market, also known in some parts of the country as Whole Foods. A mecca for organic, specialty and unique food items- it was heaven. So what did my cart look like: Rye Flour, Spelt, Steel Cut Oats, Wheat Germ, Couscous, Blood Oranges, really good Rice Vineager, Seseame Oil.... and the like.
When I got home, I opened my two new bread books (another gift from the in-laws- my husband has great parents)) and began perusing recipes. I found a wonderful Whole Wheat and Rye Bread that I tried and am now obsessed with. Lovely Caraway Seeds give it a lovely texture and the mix of Rye and whole wheat make for the sometimes over-powering bitterness of the rye to just be pleasant.
My birthday is over, and sadly the rye flour bin is just about empty- but our anniversary is in July and Mother's Day is before that. I can't wait!