Saturday, October 22, 2011

First let me be clear~ I am not a Chile Head. In fact i'm such a wimp when it comes to all things spicy that I don't even eat salsa on my chips when we go for Mexican. My son, sister and several others that I love, despite questioning their good sense, are BIG fans of all things hot.
I heard about a new favorite in the foodie world called Siriacha and thought it just might make a unique gift for the spicy set. Canning is easy, but like standing upright on a sphere turning round in space- there are some simple rules you must follow or trouble ensues. One of those rules being that acid must be present for canned items to remain safe. I mean nothing says, "Happy Holidays!" like botulism and a trip to the E.R. Siriacha is typically not high enough in acid to be canned safely, but thanks to a fellow blogger, the following recipe was just what I needed.

As we speak, about 2lbs of peppers, a mix of Sweet Reds, Red Bananas, Red chilies (either Thai or Cayenne) and few Habineros thrown in to make it interesting) are marinating in vinegar with about 15 cloves of Garlic....

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