Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls and Buttery Yeast Rolls- a delicious 2-fer

I love to bake. As a little girl my grandmother would set me up on her kitchen counter, along with her creamy yellow Mix Master, and engage me in the wonderful world of flour, sugar, eggs and flavorings. Most often we made cakes, sometimes pies but sadly never bread. As an adult I married into a family that considers bread an all-important part of the meal. Seconds, thirds and so on of some type of bread items is required.
Early on in my marriage I discovered that I could make my own bread and so after my mother-in-law gave me what has become my most prized possession in the kitchen~ a cobalt blue Kitchen-Aid that I still use today, I began my adventure into bread-making.
As satisfying as it is to make pizza dough, sour dough bread and garlic butter knots, it's my Cinnamon Rolls that people usually ask for. As easy as they are to make; and truly bread is one of the easiest things in the world to bake, it does take an investment of time. Three hours for cinnamon rolls, no matter how delicious takes some commitment and so I developed a yeast roll recipe, made from the same dough that allowed me to get a 2-fer out of the process.
I'll post the recipe when I have a few more moments. I still need to make the cream cheese icing.

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