Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So this So. Cal girl who used to live in an apartment nearly underneath the Harbor Freeway has become the Chicken Lady. Here in rural Georgia, it's pretty common to have chickens in the yard, so most of my friends think I'm a little crazy to always be talking about my chickens. You know it's bad when little children you don't recognize come to you in the local Wal-Mart and ask you "How are your chickens?"I have always liked chickens, my home has chicken-y items all over it. People were giving me "chicken things" way before the coop showed up and before the first "PEEP" was uttered. For the most part I love their colors and personalities. So when I found out their were chickens who would lay colored eggs (other than brown and white)- I knew I had to get me some of them there hens. Enter my friend Stephanie who has a whole flock of pure bred Ameraucanas. These lay true blue eggs. She also had Easter Eggers, who lay a variety of colors. So as a trade out, I gave her one of my Buff Orpington Roosters and she hatched me 4 Ameraucanas and 3 EEs.
This adventure has been very different than my first TSC, scoop 'em from a bin take 'em home in a box adventure. These chicks were less than 24 hours old and some had some issues. Probably these would have been culled by most hatcheries or even breeders. But I saw them virtually right out of the egg and said, "I'll take them all!". Stephanie warned me that some might not make it- but off I went with my puffy cheeked babies. For those unfamiliar with Ameraucanas of EEs, they have puffy cheeks and sometimes resemble chipmunks. Although mine are mostly blues and blue mixes.
So if all survive, one we are still watching closely, we will have 12 chickens- can anyone say "Omelette?"

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