Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm your Boogie Man~

For awhile now I've wanted another cat. With Izzy's emotional issues (Izzy is our 3 legged rescue cat/diva), we couldn't have one inside. After the chickens arrived- so did a passel of squirrels. Seems that they are very fond of chicken feed. With no dogs, they both passed away this year, the varmits were free to run play and EAT, and EAT and EAT EAT EAT!
It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get and train a "barn cat", one that wouldn't eat chickens but might leave several young squirrels on the front porch as a present. I posted on Facebook that I wanted a kitten. All of a sudden there were messages everywhere. FREE KITTENS! In the end I really wanted a solid black tom cat. Enter Boogie. He's not quite a tom cat yet- our squirrel bandits probably outweight him by a good bit- but he'll grow. Right now he's learning we are friends and so are chickens. He's such a loving kitty. Lets hope he loves the taste of squirrel.

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