Monday, July 25, 2011

It's time to go-

Maybe it was the frogs, maybe when the hail came, maybe it was as soon as the river started getting pink; at some point an Isrealite knew a change had to be made and said, "We're outta here- we're leaving Egypt!" For me it actually began at Wal-Mart, the land of many miracles.
An ice-storm had left my family and I home bound for several days, an event rather uncommon in N. Georgia. I had to get out, and a supply run to the store was just the ticket. As expected the aisles were filled with people, schools were still out so I imagine that a combination of cabin fever and empty fridges had propelled all of us to a common locale.
I don't remember what I was even needing, I just remember standing at the shelves where eggs are- or were. There in 15 ft of cooler space once reserved for the incredible edible egg were 3 cartons. 1 was open and missing 3 eggs, the other 2 were slightly crushed and caked in yellow goo, remains of what I imagine once were eggs. At least 8 people stood around the empty space, just staring. And it hit me, we are all actually thinking the same thing- should we buy them? and if we don't will they ever bring more?
I realize that an ice-storm that shuts a small town down for 4 days is not the appocalypse, but if Wal-Mart can't get eggs in bad weather... I began to dawn on me how dependant my family had become on full shelves that led to full bellys. I knew absolutely nothing about how to supply food for my family without the convience of a grocery store. How pathetic- how unprepared.
Now let me say this~ I'm not a survivalist. I'm not stockpiling MREs (meals ready to eat), ammo or gas masks. I just want to be as self sufficient as I can be, or at least have some knowledge about growing, harvesting and/or preserving food for my family.
So the following Spring I began. I learned how to can with the help of a merciful friend, and I found out that what started as an effort to gain skills became a wonderful adventure in being creative with food. Taking fruits and vegatables both from my own garden and from other harvests in my neighborhood, and turning them into delicious food that feeds my family and my need to create.
So I'll post my experiences here. Good and bad- sealed and unsealed. What do you say? Ready to leave Egypt?

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jenny said...

Merciful friend my foot! I was just glad I was able to share something with one of the most talented people I know. Although now I have to say your talents have far exceed mine.

Had fun reading your blog my friend, didn't know you were blogging but now...